Practices and Policies


APG & Co has recently updated its Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) and is currently working through the process of getting a signed agreement to the new Code from all of its current suppliers. It is hoped that, over time, this process will extend beyond our first tier suppliers, to all levels of APG & Co's supply chain and operations (including all authorised sub-contractors and raw materials suppliers). All new suppliers to APG & Co are required to agree to adhere to the Code, and to sign and return the Supplier Commitment, as part of the vendor procurement process.

The Code sets out the minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour that APG & Co expects from its suppliers and business partners. It is based on International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, national legislative requirements and accepted best business practice. The Code is to be followed in conjunction with the APG & Co Global Sourcing Principles, and it sets out fundamental requirements for all of our suppliers and business partners.


APG & Co has developed a set of principles to provide internal governance related to the contracting of goods and services from external parties. These principles outline how APG & Co approaches its sourcing strategy, as well as supplier engagement and evaluation, contract authorisation, execution and implementation, and contract monitoring. These principles include requirements mirrored from the APG & Co Supplier Code of Conduct such as forced labour, debt bondage, unfair wages or working hours.


Each season, we source the best textiles and fabrics from across the globe, partnering with premium mills and suppliers whose values align with our own. Each fabric is selected for the best hand-feel and ease of wear, providing the basis for our range of contemporary investment pieces and core-essentials.

Like most fashion retailers, APG & Co is aware of the potential risks of modern slavery practices in its supply chains, and we are therefore committed to continuous process of review of our entire supply chain and operations, including raw material sourcing.

Supplier list for 2023


APG & Co has published an annual Modern Slavery Statement every year since the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). As required by the Act, these statements describe the actions we take to assess and address our modern slavery risks, and are available for public viewing via the Australian Government’s Online Register.

APG & Co actively supports practices which value and comply with human rights and social justice standards. Our intent is to engage with suppliers to ensure recognised labour and human rights are respected and met, environmental impacts are avoided or minimised to protect the environment, and ethical behaviours are adopted across all our operations, including those of our suppliers, as part of our commitment to improving social compliance standards.

Living Wage

At APG & Co we endeavour to provide quality work for the people who are involved in our supply chains. As part of our wider strategy on human rights, we want to understand how we can improve wage systems for the workers who are engaged within our business and supply chains.

APG & Co unites with the growing proportion of the fashion industry which is focused on closing the gap between the minimum wage and a living wage for all workers within the apparel supply chain.

Gender Equality In Supply Chains

At APG & Co we have built our business on designing and producing quality clothing, and endeavour to provide quality work for the people who are involved in our supply chains. As APG & Co is part of an industry which primarily employs women, we recognise the key role in which we play to drive gender equality not only through our business but also through our supply chain. As a signatory to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, we are working towards progressing UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 5 – Gender Equality.

Responsible Material Sourcing Policy

APG & Co’s Responsible Material Sourcing Policy outlines best practice for sourcing responsibly from global fibre and textile producers. We are committed not only to crafting beautiful, high-quality garments, but to ensuring that our products are created without excess harm to the ecosystems and communities that are part of our supply chain. Our Responsible Material Sourcing Policy is key to this commitment, and to our progress towards ethical practices and sustainable futures.

Hazardous and Restricted Substances Policy

At APG & Co, we take our commitment to customer safety and environmental impact seriously. Our Hazardous and Restricted Substances Policy allows us to work closely with our suppliers to ensure any potentially harmful chemicals are eliminated from our production processes and finished products.

Restricted substances are any materials that pose a potential risk to the health of humans or ecosystems. They may be present in any stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material processing to washing, dyeing, finishing and packing. We align our policy with the ZDHC MRSL, a globally recognised industry standard for chemical management in fashion supply chains, and work with our suppliers to ensure the highest standards of due diligence are met.


APG & Co is committed to an open, fair and supportive workplace. In line with our ethical framework, we promote a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, corporate and regulatory compliance. We recognise the important role whistleblowers perform within the Group and encourage the reporting of issues where there is a belief there has been a breach of the Group’s polices or the law. The purpose of this policy is to inform individuals how they can make whistleblower disclosures and how these will be investigated. It also informs individuals of the whistleblower protections available to them.


This Code outlines the standard of personal and professional conduct that all APG & Co employees must strive to uphold.